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Horizon Fall Newsletter




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Excitement fills the air as we’re working on our Student Showcase projects! The students have a sense of independence, ownership and leadership. I am so proud of each student my heart could absolutely burst! The Showcase is Thur. Jan. 26, 2017 9:00-12:00. It’s a very relaxed format so please feel free to attend anytime during that segment. The students will complete the project at noon. If you’re planning for an early checkout you may want to attend closer to 12:00.

Nearpod, Kahoot! and SeeSaw are the three most used programs in Horizon. Nearpod and Kahoot! are in class lessons/assessments with immediate feedback. SeeSaw is an online portfolio/journal for each student. I also post info on SeeSaw just in case the hardcopy is lost in transition from Room 605 to their homeroom to the car/bus/daycare to the sanctity of each home.
Kindergarten Horizon We’re focusing on five of the planets in the Solar System. The students work in collaborative groups and understand that the work contributed should be equal. Their excitement and enthusiasm is infectious and drives me to challenge each of them to a more advanced level of learning.

1st Grade Horizon: We’re focusing on the remaining three planets, Inner Planets, Dwarf planets, Milky Way, Astroid Belt, Sun and Moon.
The 1st graders are researching and working diligently as they go through the research and discovery process.

2nd Grade Horizon
Owls, Owls, Owls! We completely switched gears for our focus, bringing it to Life Science. The students interact with peers to develop and present familiar ideas about their projects; Researching and creating their own work of art!!!

K/1st/2nd are focusing on the Nature of Science:
Becoming familiar with the character of scientific knowledge and how it’s achieved.
Understand the important features of the process of scientific inquiry.
Communicating scientific ideas and activities clearly.